The Namakwa region is a seemingly arid, semi desert region hiding huge reservoirs of mineral and floral wealth in the Northern Cape.   This is a land where ancient history, modern technology and the universe come together in harmonious glory!   Namakwa encompasses the unspoiled expanses of Namaqualand and Hantam Karoo and it is a land of mystery and enchantment moulded by the unforgiving climate.

Lava mountains display impossible rock formations, nature reserves abound with game and birdlife, unusual vegetation blankets the vast tracts of land and with the magic of spring the desert bursts into a canvas of brilliant floral colours that have become world renowned.   Every year from July to September, the Namaqualand desert explodes with no fewer than 4000 species of flowers, 1000 unique to the region, paint the desert in colours that astound and amaze visitors without fail!

The 1 000-ha Skilpad Wild Flower Reserve west of Kamieskroon is a prime location - close to the coast, it's less dry than neighbouring areas. The Kamiesberg mountains offer superb mountain biking.

Bird lovers relish Goegap Nature Reserve, with 92 bird species, including majestic black eagles.  A guided tour in an open truck lets you share their view.

The Richtersveld National Park is a stark lunar wilderness of gold, yellow, pink, white and purple. This World Heritage Site also hosts numerous animal, bird and plant species, including the uncanny halfmens succulent, named after its resemblance to a human silhouette.  Warning:  a 4x4 is mandatory in this terrain.

If you enjoy challenges and adventure why not try rafting down the Orange River?  You do not have to be fit or experienced - qualified river guides make sure you can just enjoy the scenery, swim, and fish.

The mountains, rivers, valleys and coastline are criss-crossed by hiking, biking, canoe and 4×4 trails, the unique architecture links us to a fading past, home industries thrive, delicious home-baked fare offers gastronomic delight – and much more!

Come and experience the land of the Nama, a kingdom of contrasts and great natural beauty!


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