A Breathtaking Journey To South Africa

South AfricaSouth AfricaSouth AfricaSouth AfricaSouth AfricaSouth Africa
South AfricaSouth AfricaSouth AfricaSouth AfricaSouth AfricaSouth Africa

A Breathtaking Journey To South Africa

South Africa is famous for its beauty and diversity. Visit this amazing land to explore the unique wildlife and attractions.

South Africa is a multi ethnic country. It’s an amazing destination and offers a unique experience. it has various attractions to allure the tourists. The fascinating country is also described as a ‘rainbow nation.’ This term is coined as a tribute to the multiculturalism of the people.

Visitors travel to South Africa to enjoy its culture, attractions and wildlife. Numerous travel companies offer flight deals to this destination. Best flight deals are offered along with sightseeing tours and hotel bookings. Tourists should give considerable thought before deciding on a travel agent.

The country offers various attractions to the curious traveler. A visit to the historical Robben Island Prison Museum enriches the knowledge of tourists. Many apartheid era leaders including the great Nelson Mandela were imprisoned here. The island is a symbol of the triumph of human spirit against slavery and racism. It has been awarded World Heritage status. Varied sort of fauna and flora also exist in the island. Nearly 132 bird species have been observed here.

The Wild Coast is an untamed area of the country which has fantastic beaches, rugged coastline, hills and valleys. The area is rich in wildlife and nature lovers will thoroughly enjoy it. It is also dubbed as a bird watcher’s paradise. One should enjoy activities like snorkeling and diving in the beautiful ocean.

Visit the Kruger National Park for a fascinating wildlife experience. Amazing array of wild animals and birds can be observed in the park. The biggest attractions of the park are the buffaloes, elephants, leopards, lions, cheetahs and rhinoceros. The bird species include the ground hornbill, Martial eagle, Pel’s fishing owl and saddle- bill stork. The park is also home to the fascinating Iron Age sites of Masorini and Thulamela.

Johannesburg is one of the most dynamic places in South Africa. Flights to Johannesburg are available from all over the world. It has a fascinating gold-mining heritage and is also called the ‘City of Gold’. Parks and gardens abound in the city. Malls and street markets are favorite places for shopping. During a holiday in Johannesburg, one should never miss out on adventure. Visit the Lion Park to see some ferocious predators. Various carnivores such as wild dog, striped hyena, cheetahs and lions are observed here. Herbivores such as black wildebeest and giraffe are some other attractions of the park. A guided game drive is highly recommended for tourists.

Croc City Crocodile Farm houses more than 800 crocodiles. Crocodiles of various sizes and shapes are present here. One can watch the skeletons and eggs of the crocs also. A video presentation is carried out to provide more knowledge about these amazing creatures.

This beautiful country has established itself as an excellent tourist destination. Thus, one should not miss out on a chance to visit this destination.

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South AfricaSouth AfricaSouth AfricaSouth AfricaSouth Africa