What to Pack for a Holiday in Kathu

Kathu - Northern CapeKathu - Northern Cape
Kathu - Northern CapeKathu - Northern Cape


What to Pack for a Holiday in Kathu

Venturing off on a holiday can be an exciting experience. You can see parts of the country that you have only imagined, and you and your family will remember the trip for years to come. And one of these places to visit is Kathu in the Northern Cape.

Kathu is known as the iron ore capital of the Northern Cape, and while it is a small town, it is one of the fastest growing cities in the province, famous for its stunning scenery and for having one of the best golf courses in the country.

If you have booked your accommodation in Kathu in the Northern Cape knowing what to pack when visiting this quaint town can be difficult. The day-time weather can be startlingly hot while night time can bring with it freezing temperatures. This is because Kathu lies in the middle of the Kalahari desert and the temperatures are known to fluctuate massively. Below is a list of everything you need to bring along with you when visiting Kathu.


Clothing for Warm Months

When the warm weather rolls around, you will need to prepare for the heat. While the guest houses in Kathu are fully air-conditioned and offer a comfortably luxurious setting, your clothing should be comfortable and breathable enough for you to walk around the town in. Be sure to include the following:

  • A bathing suit
  • A cap to protect your face against the sun
  • UV-protected sunglasses
  • Cotton or linen clothing with long sleeves and legs
  • Walking shoes and flip flops

Remember to pack sunscreen with a high SPF as well as lip balm in case your lips become chapped. Be sure to pack a waterproof jacket, in case rain is predicted as well as long hiking socks to keep away ticks and other insects.


Clothing for Cooler Months

Many of us assume that the Northern Cape only experiences high temperatures, but it can become incredibly cold at night as well as during winter. If you will be booking your Kathu accommodation for this period, you will need to have clothing to keep you warm at night and comfortable during the day. You should pack the basics in the list below:

  • Heavy trousers such as jeans or corduroys for hiking
  • Plush jerseys and cosy jackets for evening activities
  • Tops and trousers with long sleeves to keep warm on daytime adventures
  • A waterproof jacket or lined raincoat
  • A woollen hat or scarf for the evenings

Snow has been reported in the Northern Cape during some winters, so be sure to pack enough warm clothing to account for this. You could also bring along a flask or two for warm drinks while you are walking around the town and exploring Kathu’s many attractions.


Other Essential Items

Knowing what to wear for a Kathu adventure is important, but there are other essential items that you should bring along with you. You will need these items to make your trip more enjoyable and comfortable, especially if you will be hiking or spending time outdoors.


A First Aid Kit

Packing a first aid kit for a holiday might sound obvious, but it is something that can easily be forgotten. You will need to include all of the basics as well as any medicines that you take on a regular basis, such as chronic medication or an asthma pump for those who suffer from respiratory issues.

Some of the important items you need to pack include bandages, a cream for insect bites, and pain medication. These will help to ensure that you have a holiday that is comfortable and safe. Be sure to bring along sunscreen too as the sun can reach high temperatures during spring and summer in the Northern Cape.


Bottled Water, Snacks and Toys

Many of the hotels in Kathu do provide meals and have an entertainment area. That said, if you are going to be driving around the town, going on day trips, or going on hikes with young

children, you should bring along plenty of bottled water and snacks. You should also pack toys for your children to play with on the drives.

Always ensure that any wrappers from the snacks that you bring along are properly disposed of as many of the areas in Kathu are protected nature zones. Consider bringing glass bottles for water so that you can refill them at any stop off points or at the accommodation you are staying at in the town. Glass is reusable so you won’t have to worry about creating more litter.


Take only photographs…

...and leave only footprints. Another important item you should bring along with you is your camera and plenty of charged batteries. You will want to capture all of the scenery you see in this stunning town. Be sure to bring along clothing for both warm and cool weather, and don’t forget the essentials for a fun and exciting trip.

Kathu - Northern Cape